Join Trinity Lloyd, Sustainability and Energy Transition Leader at Google on Thursday, February 10 at 2pm CT / 3pm ET to learn the top trends for 2022 around cloud and sustainability that are helping businesses reduce their environmental impact. Hear how companies in the oil, gas and energy sectors are working with Google to help realize their vision of creating a new, low-carbon emission future by utilizing the materials and resources being used already.

During this session, we will cover:

  • Why businesses are increasingly expected to contribute to the sustainability goals that customers are demanding.
  • The key business priorities required when it comes to environmental, societal, and governance
  • How to avoid common transition challenges?

This year, business leaders across the globe will continue to make sustainability-conscious decisions around the systems and applications the business is using. Forbes are indicating that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agendas will become a strategic business component*. ESG is a shared responsibility and a genuine effort that customers, employees, and potential employees will increasingly demand to see.

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Meet Your Speaker

Trinity Lloyd
Sustainability and Energy Transition Leader
Google Cloud
Trinity Lloyd is the sales and strategy lead for the Energy Transition and sustainability Practice at Google Cloud. Early in Trinity's career you could find her campaigning for environmental policy reform with Clean Water Action or advocating for wildlife conservation with GreenPeace. Though her passion for the planet never waned, Ms. Lloyd spent the next twenty-five years of her career honing her business and technology acumen. She has held various sales and leadership roles with top technology organizations such as Dell, Cisco, Rackspace, and most recently Vmware, where she led the Cloud Management teams for the Eastern US and Canada.

In 2018, Trinity noticed an exciting trend. The financial sector was increasingly adopting ESG as a mainstream metric for the financial health and viability of an organization. Trinity saw this as the catalyst that would finally bring sustainability to the boardroom, driving market disruption in every sector, region, and industry. The global economy was on the precipice of the next big shift and her two professional world were beginning to merge.

Inspired by Google's digital sustainability expertise and the opportunity it provided for impact, Ms. Lloyd joined the Cloud organization as the premier customer advocate for sustainability. She is responsible for aligning Google's vast inventory of digital sustainability solutions and operating principles with the ESG and SDG initiatives organizations are facing today. Trinity focuses her efforts on leveraging these solutions to help organizations capture emerging market opportunities while simultaneously progressing toward a more resilient and profitable future. Trinity believes that doing what's right and what's profitable are not mutually exclusive. They are interdependent and the critical enabler of both is technology.

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