Adapt to the new norm and keep your remote workforce connected in a secure and scalable environment with solutions from VMware and Softchoice!

With remote work becoming the new norm, it has become imperative for IT teams to build a more comprehensive long-term business continuity plan, strengthen security measures and drive operational efficiencies for their IT investments. At Softchoice, we can help you set up, manage, secure, and optimize IT performance for your remote workforce using VMware solutions. In addition to being awarded the VMware Partner Value of the Year earlier this year, we hold Master Services Competencies (MSC) in several categories which demonstrates customer-centric solutions and technical proficiency, with proven success and expertise in a specialized area of business.

Softchoice’s "Scalable Remote Access" Video Series

This short, four-part series covers key considerations, strategies, and the VMware technology solutions to enable scalable remote access and empower your workforce.
Setting up a Remote Workforce
Session 1: Strategies to support new and growing end-points as organizations scale.
Application Control, Device & Remote Management
Session 2: How to provide consistent and seamless access to applications in the remote work ecosystem.
Leveraging Intelligence and Automation
Session 3: Approaches to gather insights from your data and automate IT Operations to optimize the efficiency of your IT investments and deliver an exceptional user experience.
Network and Security
Session 4: How to strengthen your security posture and ensure networks are powerful enough to connect a geographically-dispersed remote workforce.

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No matter where you are on your journey to adopting and delivering Scalable Remote Access for your workforce Softchoice is here to help. With over 30 years of experience in software licensing and asset management as well as a large and growing team of multi-disciplinary experts including a team of VMware Specialists and Architects, we can help you find the best path forward. Our services include:
Technology Reviews

Level-set and identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities in your existing environment.


Chart your path to innovation, efficiencies, and growth.

Professional & Managed Services

Build and deploy your action plan to achieve your organization’s goals.

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