We are facing uncertain times, and remote work can no longer be viewed as a perk. Now, organizations must rapidly adjust to more urgent demands and risks than ever before. In an effort to assist business leaders in navigating this new reality, Softchoice is sharing their story, learnings and considerations for making work happen.

With three days of planning and the pressing possibility of a significant disruption to "business-as-usual," Softchoice conducted a test of its remote work capabilities across the entire organization (more than 2,000 users across the US and Canada). On the morning of March 12th, every employee logged into the network and applications they worked with daily, all from remote locations. But this isn’t just a story about ensuring the technology would work. It’s a story about how several groups within Softchoice met the challenges in preparing every employee and communicating across the organization. 

What you will learn:
  • Our VP of Candidate & Employee Experience will talk on How the Human Resources team worked across the organization to facilitate all remote work
  • Our Director of Brand & Communication will share How the organization communicated the plan and how it would support each employee 
  • Our SVP and Director of IT will go over How IT built and implemented an integrated approach and the lessons learned from an all remote work test
  • Each area of discussion will provide practical advice, lessons learned and key considerations for business leaders to adopt in their own remote work response
  • Ask the Panel: A large portion of the agenda will focus on an open Q/A to go deeper on areas of immediate concern
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Meet Your Speakers

Jeff Reis
SVP, Information Technology at Softchoice
Erika Van Noort
VP, Candidate and Employee Experience, Innovation Executive Forum (IEF) Chair at Softchoice
Lester Moniz
Director, IT Infrastructure at Softchoice
Justin Hane
Director, Brand & Communication at Softchoice

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